Thursday, April 15, 2010

Create spam script urself!!! :)

First, we need a plain notepad
Start > All Program > Accessories > NOTEPD

Second, copy the script below and paste into your notepad

@echo off
start notepad
goto :a
Additional, you can add extra code after "start notepad" such as "start mspaint", "start cmd", "start calc", etc

After that save the file as "Spamm Script.bat", the file extension must be ".bat", batch file.
Finally done!

Double click on the script file will prompt a black window and it will keep looping the program that u execute start "X" untill you close the black window.
So most probably u want to try just don execute the start CMD, other wise u will never find your black window to close it. hehehehe

Have fun Open-mouthed


Disclaimer : Please take own risk on this script, it will cause a machine to hang or over heat when the machine cannot handle heavy load of program spamming, it might cause system dead.

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